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It’s Spring!   That means it’s time to dust off those tools and do some clever updates to your home.   Check out some of these creative ideas.

Despite steadily improving local job markets and historically low mortgage rates, the U.S. homeownership rate is stuck near a 50-year low because of a perverse mix of affordability challenges, student loan debt, tight credit conditions and housing supply shortages. Read more…

This mix of New Jersey’s most charming rural and suburban towns offers a more relaxed lifestyle. Source: 15 Slow-Paced Small Towns in New Jersey Where Life Is Still Simple

We re-watched “Friday the 13th” and realized Jason, Jason’s mom, and a whole lot of dim-witted camp counselors can teach us something about buying a home. Source: 5 Killer Real Estate Lessons We Learned From ‘Friday the 13th’

With housing inventory at multiyear lows and strong buyer demand in the off-season, sellers may want to put their home on the market as soon as possible. Source: This Year, Home Sellers May Benefit From Listing Early |®

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